2021 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2021) 09NR024 (Walking in the Light with Jesus x Moonlight Sail) Tet. Early to Midseason, rebloomer, 35” tall, 6” flower, 3-4 way branching, 17-20 buds, fragrant, Semi-Evergreen. Great plant habit in my garden. Brilliant, clear, saturated rose red, prominent near white watermark and matching ruffled edge, with green throat. This rose red flower is easily one of the best reds I have ever seen and is the most used during the past two years in my garden. The richness of color and the cleanness are outstanding. This flower is remarkable and, once you have seen it, I promise you will not be able forget A Heart for Jesus. I highly recommend this cultivar as a parent since it is easily pod and pollen fertile. It's an outstanding parent, as you can see from the children below. $225.00 for a nice double fan.
SOLD OUT! Please contact Nan, if interested.


12NR161 (Ripley)
13NR306 (Ripley)
NR seedling (Ripley)
12NR072 (Ripley)
12NR072B (Ripley)
27219 (Emmerich)
26819 (Emmerich)
34919 (Emmerich)
18719 (Emmerich)


(N. Ripley 2021) 12NR121 (Arctic Lace x Barcode) Tet. early, rebloomer most summers if enough rain. Dormant, 32” tall, 5.5” to 5.75” flower, 3-way branching, 15- 17 buds, light fragrance. 99% cristate, diamond dusting all over, opens well, and is a medium increaser, and it’s fertile both ways! The main color is cream, with an echo eye pattern, and cream throat into a nice green center. The colored petal edge is narrow but has three distinct colors: violet, lavender, and silver metallic. Medium ruffling on petals, larger ruffling on cresting on the midribs.

The moment I saw Sovereign Trinity, I was intrigued by the complexity of this flower. Its consistency blew me away. Sovereign Trinity is a strong plant. This cultivar consistently shows cristate flower form. If this daylily form is new to you, here is the pertinent description from the AHS dictionary: "A form of sculpting that refers to appendages of extra petal tissue growing from the midrib or elsewhere on the surface of the petals".

SOVEREIGN TRINITY, being 99% cristate, fertile both ways, having great height and flower size, and with its interesting background parents, gives you lots to work with in hybridizing. $400.00 double fan. SOLD OUT! Please contact Nan if you are interested.


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