2017 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2017) 09-10NR067B (Stick Figure x Entwined in The Vine) Tet. Faith That Transforms is an extra large flower that is very striking in the garden and I believe would be an excellent show flower. I have loved this flower from first bloom. The color combination for me is extra ordinary. The huge chalky eye zone, moves out to purple and this color moves out to wine purple. The midrib is somewhat raised. Sepal have the same chalky eye zone moving to a line of darker wine purple to a lighter wine purple. The flowers are so well placed on the tall 41-44” scapes, it looks like it has huge butterflies landing on it. The sepals curl back and the petals have a slight ruffle. There is a very fine white edge. Faith That Transforms is covered with diamond dusting. Scapes are strong and straight up with no bending with the large over 7” flowers. Scapes vary from 4 to 5 way branching. The pollen varies from light yellow to dark yellow. I have not used the pollen but Faith That Transforms is a good pod parent and I am going to try the pollen this summer. The plant blooms for a long time and with enough moisture will rebloom but not on all fans. Dormant, fragrance, EM. Double fan, $75.00.


(N. Ripley 2017) 10NR593 (Randy Stephens x Red Friday) Tet. Dormant, flower 5.5”, Height 36”, 4-5 way branching, very easy pod setter, pollen excellent. Early morning opener, rebloomer, blooms for a long time. Beautiful Raspberry Red flower with Green throat, depending on temperature and sunshine, you have white teeth and or light yellow teeth. Always teeth on petals and sepals. Covered with diamond dusting. Great branching, bud count, and we consider Great Creator to be a bud builder. Oh yes, like Scarlet Pimpernel, from the first flower that opened on 10NR593 I took notice. When I walked to the flower and saw the plant under this flower, I marked it. Second year I divided it and moved it to another part of the field garden. I have marked it every year thereafter. Yes, first bloom. It has not disappointed me or anyone who has seen it or grown it. Great Creator was tested from the South to the far North and is hardy across the country. I held Great Creator an extra year so I would have enough to fill the list of people who had asked to purchase it when it became available. I even had 4 extra plants to have on our website available, but these were sold when I put Great Creator on our Facebook page. Many people sell single fans, I do not, I send double fans for my introductions. We always ask our customers not to divide our plants for at least a year. Dormant daylilies increase in the fall. Double fan, $100.00.

Picture taken on 7.01.16 on lined out plant
15NR060 (Great Creator x Dream Window)
Karol’s seedling number 35816 (Great Creator x Sdlg. 20214)


(N. Ripley 2017) 09NR178B (07NRK001Sdlg X 08NRK022Sdlg) Tet. Rip’s Royal Purple is like looking at purple velvet in the garden. It blooms for a long period of time and is a rebloomer. Flower is 5.75”, height 28”, 3 to 4 way branching with 18 + buds, mid late season bloomer. Fertile both ways, and a strong plant that rarely spots. This is stunning diamond dusted rich purple flower and is my Finest Purple Daylily to date. Named for my husband, so you know it is special. A thick flower with a bluish eye going into green throat. Large rich royal purple petals, with large ruffles, bluish colored edge matching the throat, ending in white edge with metallic sparkles. My husband chose Royal Purple to be named by him when it first bloomed. Rip’s Royal Purple does not disappoint, truly a wonderful flower, plant, and parent. Held for increase.
Please contact Nan if you'd like your name added to the waiting list.

Showing Rebloom


12NR233 (I Remember You x Rip's Royal Purple)
12NR277 (Rolling Raven x Rip's
Royal Purple)
2018 Intro N. Ripley tet 'DANCING AWAY WITH MY HEART'


(N. Ripley 2017) 10NR672 Walter Kennedy x Southern Dazzle) Tet. Dormant, 5.5” flower, 28” height, 3 -4 way 15-18 buds EM dormant, cream with dark reddish eye and edge, large green throat. Stunning flower with a very green Chevron throat, leading out to reddish Chevron eye, raised midrib. Cream then a matching reddish ruffled edge. On the edge of the ruffles is a fine sparking metallic gold edge. A very exciting flower . Diamond dusting all over the petals and sepal, green throat that draws you in, fertile both ways. Very hardy flower. Double fan, $75.00.


(N. Ripley 2017) 12NR225 (Hotter Than The Fourth of July x Sdlg) Tet. Whom Shall I Fear, the name says it all! Large Dormant 8” flower, 43” height, M season, Rebloom, 4 way branching, 20 + buds, with fragrance. Large intense Flaming red orange, brilliant yellow into Olive green throat, diamond dusted, very saturated and intense color. Colors do not fade, brilliant yellow throat repeated on sepals, fine yellow edge on petals, slightly wider yellow edge on curling sepals on rebloom. Lots of Diamond dusted on large flower. Fertile both ways. Double fan, $75.00. Limited.

Reblooming flower
Reblooming flower


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