2013 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2013) 07NRD10000 (Sdlg x Sdlg) (dip). Creamy Yellow with a touch of pink, vivid long green throat, cascading curling petals and sepals. Each dynamic flower is just a little different in the way the curls go. 4-5 way branching, 20+ buds, 42" height, La season of bloom, fragrant, dormant in my garden. Registered as a 6" flower, but extended petals make it to 8 or 9". Fabulous parent and easy pod fertile. This is a great garden plant as well as a super hybridizing plant. The branching is the best I have ever seen for placement of larger flowers to open freely, yet lots of buds. When you see this flower it just makes you want to smile. "Lori's Bond Curls" is named for my Niece Lori Fall, a very sweet blond Texas girl with a flair for beauty inside and out. Pictured here with her handsome hubby Trevor. Double fan, $40.00.

My Nephew & Niece, Trevor & Lori Fall
Taken at the 2015 National Convention in Georgia in Bill Waldrop's garden.

Lori with 'Lori's Blond Curls'


11NR145E DIP


(N. Ripley 2013) 05NR482 Tet. (Victorian Christmas (Border Music x Knights in White Satin). A huge dramatic flower with impressive ruffled edges. Registered at 7" many times reaching 8" petals extended. 3 way branching 18 buds, height 28", MLa, semi-evergreen, pod and pollen fertile. This plant is extraordinary and I knew it would be an extravagant parent if it shared it ruffling, IT DOES. I consider this a hybridizing plant because the flowers are at the top of the foliage, not very far above. But as a parent, it is fabulous. Very large rose red with heavy bubbling ruffled yellow metallic edges. This flower has great substance, what I like to call turgescent flowers. The very end of the petal, although heavy with ruffles, is flat so it opens without difficulty. Yellow to olive green throat. Reblooms in my garden and also in Karol Emmerich's garden in Minnesota. Throws deep rich colors if breed dark goes dark easily. Can put height on kids, if not breed to short flowers. I put HIGHER POWER with my Scarlet Pimpernel, and got stunning flowers. Don't miss out on this powerhouse parent. (Many garden guests knew this flower as Huey - its garden name) Pod & Pollen fertile. Double fan, $100.00. Limited.




(N. Ripley 2013) Tet. 05NR321 (Julie Newmar x 03NR158 sdlg). This flower is named for my sister- in-law June Ripley Kirkpatrick. A very sweet spirit who has found happiness. Light icy cream petals & sepals with a lavender blushed eye on petals and sepals. Crimped Picotee edge of lavender, luscious green throat. 7" flower, 28-31 height, MLa, Semi, 18 buds, 3 way branching. I am using this flower heavily in my UF patterned eye line. Creams like this can really be used as clarifiers. With Julie Newmar in the background it easily goes with UF & spiders. When I take pictures of Sweet June, the eye looks a rosie color but in the garden it looks more lavender. Always a perfect flower in the garden. Pod and Pollen fertile. Double fan, $35.00.

June Ripley Kirkpatrick, my lovely sister-in-law




(N. Ripley 2013) Tet. 05NR BM (Sdlg x Kwanza Gold). 37-40" height, 3.75" flower, EM, sev. rebloomer. This flower was named for my brother in law Bob Ripley, who is wonderful & fun help in the garden. The Richest of gold, with eye & picotee edge of darkest maroon. The eye color is repeated on the sepals. Outstanding cultivar that always seems to be in bloom. The greenest foliage that doesn't seem to be bothered by any weather issues. Bob's Hawkeye Beauty has the most awesome scape, with 5-8 way branching and 25 to 40 blooms per scape, in our zone 4/5. Every bloom perfect in form and color. Easy pod and pollen parent. I can't say enough about this awesome plant. Double fan, $50.00.

Bob Ripley
Single scape
Single fan

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