2014 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2014)
07NR264A (Ed Brown X Wonder Of It All) Tet. To date this is the fanciest daylily I have introduced. Season EM, flower 5.75”, height 28”, Semi-evergreen, three way branching, 20 buds,  It is very round, with a lovely soft pink self, huge yellow pleated ruffles that have metallic yellow edges. The ruffles can be as large as ¾”, and still the flower opens nicely in my garden. This flower is turgid to the extreme, with wide petals that have straight ruffled ends, that help it open flat. The throat is sculpted yellow going to green, with ruffles on the petals going deep into the green throat. The flower in our garden is as lovely in the evening as it is during the day. This is because of the flowers turgid petals & sepals. Great green foliage. Nicely pod and pollen fertile. We will be seeing many of Behold and Believe seedlings bloom this spring. Double fan, $100.00. Limited.



(N. Ripley 2014) (Love of Jesus x God Save the Queen) Tet. I have been in love with this flower since the first bloom. It just gets better each year.  Re-bloomer if enough moisture. Season EM, Flower 5.75”, height 27”, registered as Sev. but dormant in my Iowa garden, three way branching, 18+ buds. Rich and distinct red has diamond dusting with darker red eye zone above a lovely green throat. Distinct triple edge of red, darker red into sometimes yellow sometimes white sharks teeth always ending with metallic edging. Nicely fertile both ways. See the kids below, we will have a lot more of them to bloom this summer. Double fan, $70.00.





(N. Ripley 2014) 08NR404 (Time Can Not Erase x The Terminator) Tet. This flower had to be special because it is named for my wonderful brother in law David Fall. David is married to my sister Bette. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and treat me to mountain hikes, and shopping for garden art to put in our gardens. This fall they brought me my Boo Bear, I had commission in Colorado. Their truck was full of tree roots, boulders, metal peacocks, and love as it drove from Colorado to Iowa.  

Flower 6”, Season M, Height 30”, Semi-evergreen. Three way branching with 20-25 buds. Robust and strong with great branching and bud count, and wonderful parent both pod & pollen. Love of David Fall is a rich medium purple, with a large watermark eye going into green throat, diamond dusting on the petals, Nicely ruffled, metallic edges, always opens flat with tons of blooms. This flower always makes me smile when I see it. I have started using it in my broken pattern program. We will have some blooming this summer. Nice green foliage and will rebloom with enough moisture. Pod and pollen fertile. Double fan, $50.00.


(N. Ripley 2014) 02NR036 (El Bandito x Tet. Red Eyed Dynamite sdlg) Tet. Flower is 5.5", height 26-30" depending on moisture. Early Mid season, dormant, 3 way branching 16-18 buds. Beautiful very clean medium red flower with gold metallic teeth sometimes becoming tentacles. The diamond dusting on the petals goes deep into the green throat. The flower opens easily and flat, very consistent blooms. Nice green foliage and will rebloom with enough moisture. Has been a terrific parent see off spring below. We are still using Teeth of Gold in our program and will see more kids this summer. This flower has thrown teeth for us. Pod & pollen fertile. Double fan, $25.00.




(N. Ripley 2014) 08NR020 (Sdlg 03NR178 x Way of Life) Tet. Flower 5.5”, height 30”, Season Mid, 3 way branching, 20 buds. Will rebloom if enough moisture. Registered Semi-evergreen but dormant in our zone 4 garden. Deep rich dark purple with very large darker purple eye, matching Picotee edge ending in near white metallic edges. Diamond  dusting on petals, near black buds, good dark green foliage and flowers opening flat. Shadow Music is a classic eyed flower with a bright green throat. Always flawless, in form with the flower placement just right so all flowers open well. Strong scapes that don’t blow over in strong winds no matter how many flowers are open. Does not melt in the sunshine but seems to glow.  We look forward to many off spring blooming this summer. Pod & pollen fertile.  Double fan, $70.00.



(N. Ripley 2014) 03NR137 (Midnight Raider X Knights in White Satin) Tet. Large flower 6.5 – 7”, 37-40” height, 2 -4 way branching, 18 – 20 buds, M season, rebloom with enough moisture. Registered Semi-evergreen but dormant in our zone 4 garden. Nice green foliage, Pod and Pollen Fertile.

Here is a flower that can do so much for you as a hybridizing parent! Just look at some of the off-spring. This flowers will throw, size, height, improve overall sturdiness, and clean up colors like a dream machine. It also goes great with so many different colors. Look at the parents: Midnight Raider one of the true great dark purples of its time, and Knights in White Satin, another of  Stamile’s near whites in a strong large flower form. “Walking In The Light With Jesus” sets pods easy in my garden in the summer even in the drought of 2012 & 2013. The pods are large and so are the seeds. When I am shelling pods, I know before looking which seed pods are from Walking In The Light With Jesus. Flowers are always perfect and large. The more rain the larger the flower. Diamond dusting on Large reddish pink flowers, deep green throat, large creamy water mark, that is matched on the sepals. Adding to the flower’s symmetry are creamy ruffles ending in a metallic edge. Our seedling 09NR024B is an off-spring of Walking In The Light With Jesus, and has caused some excitement when seen in our presentations.

Can you imagine a pattern on this flat opening flower? This is where I am going next with Walking in the Light With Jesus. We look forward to many more off spring blooming this summer. We have several offspring already that will be introductions in the future. Double fan, $50.00.




(N. Ripley 2014) 07NR362B (Palace Garden Beauty x Ashwood Smokey Joe) Tet. Flower 5.5”, Height 32”, 3 way branching, 20 bud count, Mid season, rebloom with enough moisture. Registered Semi-evergreen but dormant in our zone 4 garden. Very nice green foliage, Pod and Pollen Fertile.

This flower is named for our great nephew Stephen Jacobson. Wanting a glowing bluish eye, this is your flower. Rich dark velvety purple flower with great substance and no fading in the sun. Excellent bluish eye zone going into a dark green throat. I do love green throats in a dark colored flower. Love of Stephen has diamond dusting, ruffles with silver metallic edges. The very nice light bluish edge is also on the sepals with a bit of ruffling. I have been long working on getting ruffles and different colored edges on sepals. Excellent increaser and wonderful garden plant. We will be blooming seedlings by Love of Stephen this spring. SOLD OUT! Please contact Nan if you'd like your name added to the waiting list.

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