2010 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2010) Tet. (Fooled Me x Primal Scream). Height 38", flower 7.5 -8.5", 4 way branching, 19-24 buds, dormant, EM. Oh my goodness does this flower scream "look at me"! It is tall, well branched, very consistent blooms, opens early, loves hot sun but will open in cool weather with no problem. The scapes on this flower are strong and straight, no leaning. If you like them loud, full of character then orange Supreme Scream is the one for you. The eye pattern on this flower reminds me of when I was a child and we had hand held pinwheels we blew on and they went around and around. Supreme Scream always looks like it is in motion. Deep green throat to gold then the deepest red orange open eye is close to a chevron pattern that repeats on the sepals. Always opening flat even in cool mornings and looking as fresh at the end of the day. This is one flower I think the sepals play an important part in the overall beauty of the flower. Supreme Scream is a robust plant that is fertile both ways. Very hardy in my zone 4/5 garden. It is producing some outstanding off spring. Supreme Scream is highly recommended for hybridizing. Double fan, $35.00.

'Supreme Scream' was picked to be the front cover of the ia Magazine for 2018 with a story about 'The Artful Gardener' on pp. 102-109.   "Karl Haldorson, this is the best way to say 'Supreme Scream' I have ever seen! Thank you! Great picture!"


Introduction 'Attitude with Gratitude'



(N. Ripley 2010) Dip (Barbara Mitchell x Fellow). Height 39", flower 8-8.5", M, 4 way branching, 20-28 buds, dormant. This gorgeous elegant flower's color is hard to describe. A mouth watering Pink Lavender with diamond dusting that abounds on the petals and sepals. The midrib is raised , the petals are pinched, and the sepals usually curl back some to give a perfect look to the flowers. The branching on Sister of Mine, is what I would like on all my plants. I use the scapes from Sister of Mine when I do my presentations to show perfect spacing. Sister of Mine is just stunning in the garden or in a vase. I have placed this flower on statues when we have garden tours. From its green throat to the tips of the petals and sepals the color is saturated and clean. A marvelous daylily that my only sister picked to be named for her. One of the most photographed flowers in my garden. It is a wonderful parent and fertile both ways. Double fan, $35.00.

My Sister Bette Hicks Jacobson Fall and
Nan Hicks Ripley



2009 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2009) Tet. (seedling x seedling). Height 35", flower 5.75", Dormant ML, 3 way branching 17-20 buds, and instant rebloom in my garden. This is a very special flower and parent just like her namesake my mother. Named for my mother who gave me my faith, love for living and passion for sharing. My mother Ruth I. Ross Hicks was my teacher, friend, and life model. The flower I named for my mother had to be very special, recover well after dividing, displays unique color, great parent, and rock solid in northern gardens. "Love of Ruth" is this and more. Love of Ruth is a complicated flower with tatting of pearlized multi-colored edge, stippling in the throat, wonderfully appliqué large flower of excellent saturated colors. A fabulous parent for appliquéd throats and multicolored edges with metallic sparkles. The first daylily I have ever seen with this multi-colored metallic edge. Very hardy in my zone 4/5 garden. Easy pod and pollen parent. Highly recommend. SOLD OUT!

My beloved Mother Ruth Ross Hicks
and Nan Hicks Ripley
Bette Hicks Jacobson Fall, Ruth Ross Hicks,
and Nan Hicks Ripley 




(N. Ripley 2009) Dip (Jan's Twister X Let It Rip). Height 28", flower 8.5 - 9", candelabra branching, 17 buds, sev., M. This is such an outstanding flower in the garden, it just calls to you to come and see its bright gold color. Diamond dusting, rich gold sun fast color and is pod and pollen fertile. When my father-in-law passed away I ask my family to come and pick out a seedling to be named for Rip senior. They all wanted this flower to be named for him. Rip senior was nicknamed "The Power" and this flower is just that, a garden power. The foliage is always clean, the flowers are stunning and in the sunlight glowing like a harvest moon. Rip's Power is simply a terrific combination of size, form, and color. Fertile both ways. SOLD OUT!

Neil & Gladys
Neil playing catch
Bob, Merwyn (Rip) & Neil


(N. Ripley 2009) Tet. (seedling x seedling). Height 27", flower 5.5", 4 way branching, 15-20 buds, dormant, EM. This charming flower has all the distinguishing characteristics I look for in a daylily. Rock solid hardiness, opens early, doesn't fade in hot sun, tons of blooms, instant rebloom when established, pod and pollen fertile and a joy to the beholder. Diamond dusted Patricia Lynn sports a wonderful navy blue picotee edge laced with fine filigree sliver metallic thread. Patricia Lynn has been a great parent working in my favorite line of blue eyes and edges. This flower carries the name of a wonderful friend and mother of Charles Shorb. Charles was one of my extraordinary students when I worked at Iowa State University. Our precious Patrica Lynn passed away from cancer but her spirit lives on in her family. Highly recommended for the hybridizer and gardener. Double fan, $25.00.

Patrica Lynn and her son Charles Shorb at ISU graduation
Patricia Lynn as part of the Habitat
for Humanity crew
Her entire family took the shaved challenge for their beloved Patricia Lynn when she started chemo

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