2020 Introductions



(N. Ripley 2020) 15NR570 (Thistles & Thorns x Metallic Montage) Tet.  34”, 5.75-6” flower, 4-5 way branching, 18-22 buds, Semi-Evergreen. This has been one of my favorites since I spotted the first flowers. Colors I adore, bluish eye and edge. Oh how I love large triple ruffled edges. All the Glory to God is a strong garden plant as well, with strong straight scapes carrying lots of buds. Flower size depends on if the flower shows its self round and laid back or longer look but always with teeth on the edges of ruffles (see pictures below). Wonderful diamond dusting everywhere. Yellow to olive green throat.  Never disappoints, always stunning. Nicely fragrant and reblooms.  Yes, fertile both ways and easy pod setter. LIMITED!. Please contact Nan if you'd like to be on the waiting list.


16NR50 All the Glory to God x Great Creator
18NR050 Broken Chains x All the Glory to God

18NR026 All the Glory to God x Grit Your Teeth


(N. Ripley 2020) 15NR078 (11NR022D X GATHERING OF NATIONS) Tet. 52”, 5.75”- 6”, 3-5 way, 18-25 buds, Semi-Evergreen. THE PRAYER is 52-54” tall with stately scapes that are strong and straight. This flower’s color is hard to describe. To my eye, the self color is a beautiful lavender with a darker lavender blue eye. The petal ends in ruffles of darker lavender, into cream, ending with a metallic gold edge. Yellow to olive green throat. Diamond dusting abounds everywhere on this flower. Nice light fragrance. Fun walking in the garden and smelling something light that just tickles the senses. The fragrance and the height lead me to this seedling in the seedling bed early. Good increaser with rebloom, fertile pod and pollen. Double fan, $100.00. Limited.



(N. Ripley 2020) 15NRD597 (seedling x seedling) Dip. Height 30”, 10-12” flowers on mature plant. 4-5 way branching, 18-22 buds, Semi-Evergreen. HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN exhibits strong, nicely placed branching with very large flowers. Large bubbling ruffles on the petals and light ruffing on the sepals. Base color is a bluish pink, multicolor eye starting with a dark pink starburst edge that is matched on the sepal. Large bright green throat flows out onto the sepals as well. Midseason bloomer with reblooming. Fertile both ways. You can’t miss this flower in the garden. I am looking forward to seeing the kids this summer. It has been very hardy in my garden. Double fan, $175.00.

Rebloom flowers
Rebloom flowers

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