Walkabout Gardens is a family-owned mail order nursery which specializes in breeding fancy, northern hardy daylilies with great color and plant habit. Many are outstanding breeders. Our website includes several pictures of each introduction, plus selected offspring if any. Plants will be double fans unless noted. I personally choose, dig, and wash and box each plant. A bonus of our choice will be sent with each order and will be either a plant  of our choosing or an extra fan of the plant you have ordered, if we have enough. Northern gardeners will find that their plants will re-establish more quickly if they request delivery after the soil has warmed up in their area and after hard frosts have passed.

You can download and print the form. Please mail the form with your check or money order payable to Nan Ripley, 26391- 595 Ave., Nevada, IA 50201-7904. No checks to Walkabout Gardens, please.

Please contact Nan Ripley for availability of plants and for speaking engagements. phone: 515-460-6269, email: Nripley22@gmail.com

Walkabout Gardens guarantees plants which are freshly dug and true to name. If you are not satisfied with the order, return the order immediately with the labels intact for a full refund. Our introductions are guaranteed for a year in zone 4 and higher if grown in normal garden conditions (e.g. grown in the ground rather than in pots, not in standing water, watered as needed, soil not overly compacted); that bark or other mulch is put around the plants to keep the roots cool and moist (no extra winter mulching needed); and that they’re not divided when first received and or during the first year. (Note: it’s best to avoid dividing or transplanting daylilies when they are stressed by high temps or drought, and northerners report better success dividing daylilies in spring or early summer, rather than in the fall.

Shipping Costs: Domestic shipping only, $13.00 for the first plant, $3.00 for each additional plant. Shipping is May through September 15th, weather permitting. Shipping is by priority mail.

Walkabout Gardens


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